Personal message from our owner, Mr. Dan Balderas.


How time flies! 70 years ago, I was picking cotton in a small West Texas town. After the cotton season, which went from July to December, we would go back home to Hutto, Texas. From January to July, us kids didn’t do anything! In January 1946, I talked my father into letting me go to San Antonio to wash dishes at “Christies Fish Resturant”. At first my dad hesitated! “Son, you’re only 14”, he said. “Yes dad, but they are going to pay me 14 dollars every 2 weeks!”. That was a lot of money! It also opened my father’s eyes. “Ok, you can stay with your sister in Elgin.”

At age 14, I ended my cotton picking career and started my food service career as a dishwasher. That was in 1946! From dishwasher, I was then promoted to cook, then shift leader and ultimately to supervisor. Then, 40 years ago, to “Resturant Owner”. It’s been a good ride! I kept my eyes on how “Christies” breaded their fish, shrimp, oysters, onion rings! 6 months ago, I decided to open a fish place. Folks, when you visit “Pacific Gulf Sea Island”, you’ll be eating the same breaded shrimp recipe from 1946! Breaded onion rings! Oysters and fish! Come by, check us out! There are not a whole lot of good fish places in Round Rock.


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