Pacific Gulf Sea Island


It has recently come to my attention that some dissatisfied customers have gone online and given Pacific Gulf Sea Island negative reviews about our food and the behavior of our staff. Sometimes in life we make some bad selections, no matter what the situation. I did! And I want to apologize to all our customers who live in Round Rock, Taylor, Georgetown, Pflugerville, and Hutto! I felt I had a good cooking team upon opening Pacific Gulf Sea Island. Wrong! WOW! When I started seeing the food that was coming out of the kitchen I wanted to hide! That was not what I expected! I had to correct that goof! It has taken time. I had to sweep house, start again with a new professional cooking crew. I feel that most people give a new place a second chance. I do. Sometimes, 3 chances. A new team has been put in place. Come by and meet Chef Paul Triputti, he’s a very friendly person.
Try us again and if you are dissatisfied about our service, the food, our prices, or treatment by our staff, don’t tell friends, family members or the internet. They can’t help you, I can. Tell the cashier to give you my phone number and I’ll guarentee to make the problem right.
I’ve been cooking in Round Rock and serving customers for 40 years and I never thought I would ever face a goof. To all my customers, again, I apologize.
– Dan